Romanian Private Equity and Venture
Capital Study

Romanian private equity and venture capital market development

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Welcome to the 2021 and first half of 2022
Activity Report of the
Romanian Private Equity
& Venture Capital study, produced
by Deloitte in Association with Romanian Private Equity Association

We are happy to present the Romanian Private Equity and Venture Capital study covering 2021 and the first half of 2022, which highlights the developments and opportunities in the Romanian market.
The starting point of such analyses is the data provided by Invest Europe, one of the largest global associations of private equity and venture capital, as well as publicly available data about the Romanian Venture Capital environment from How to Web. We draw the attention to the fact that, although part of the Private Equity transactions in 2021 and the first half of 2022 were not included in the Invest Europe data, these transactions are flagged and considered in the report (such the acquisition of the Romanian assets of CEZ by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets estimated at €1bn and the investment of Novalpina Capital in MaxBet estimated at €250m).
Such deals are a clear proof of the potential that we see in the Romanian market to develop significant local and regional players. Additionally, we see that the regional Private Equity ecosystem is in a good position to help the growth of several small and medium local players to the next level, while the local Private Equity and Venture Capital funds are focused mostly on growing the smaller tickets in the market.
We are convinced that more diversified financing sources can only help and support the further development of the local Private Equity and Venture Capital market, combined with the expectation that in the next periods ESG will have a more prominent role in the investment process.
We thank ROPEA for all the help and support provided, as well as to the ROPEA members for the useful insights and contributions in making this report possible.

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